Regula Scheifele

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Regula Scheifele is an artist creating both figurative oil paintings and portraits. and abstract acrylic paitings.

Her large-size acryl paintings invite the beholder to a dialogue. Color fields, gently layered or powerfully erupting, stir up emotions, bring back memories and capture the imagination. Inspired by the staged colors of the sunlight between the trees, the colors of an evening sky, reflections in still or troubled waters, they entice the observer to discover new aspects and nuances in those paintings.

By emotionally interpreting the outer realities, her paintings demonstrate another reality, a personal reality, which, very gently, addresses the beholder and awakens her or his curiosity.

Through her figurative paintings, the artist seeks to establish an individual connection with the beholder. Whether portraits or cityscapes, they conjure up a feeling of intimacy and the beholder can, in that moment, empathize with the mood of those paintings.

Regula is inspired by everyday life, by nature, by people - her focus is however not on the photographic rendition of her observations but rather on transporting emotions.



Regula is an International Member of the Portrait Society of America.


Background & Training

2015                    'Figure in Oil' with Rose Frantzen, Scottsdale, USA

2014                    'Alla Prima Figure and Portrait Painting' with David Shevlino, Philadelphia, USA

2014                    Plain Air Painting with Timothy Horn, CA, USA

2013                    'Making Tradition Modern' with William Wray, Easton, USA

2011/12                ‘A Painting a Day’ with Karin Jurick, Hilton Head Island, USA

2011/12                ‘Abstract Painting’ with Gerhard Almbauer, Germany / Austria

2011                     'Composing the Figure' - Portrait / Figure in Oil with Aaron Westerberg, Scottsdale, USA

2011                     'Oil Painting - Quick Sketch' with Kim English, Scottsdale, USA

2010                    'Painting the Portrait in Oil' with Joseph Lorusso, Scottsdale, USA               

2010                    Private coaching with Alexander Jeanmaire, Zurich, Switzerland

2008/09             Workshops with Beate Bitterwolf, Germany