Portrait Commissions

I am currently accepting commissions on a limited basis and I would be happy to work with you to compose a unique oil portrait.

I often work from a provided photo but am glad to shoot the reference photos myself.

Gift certificates for portrait commissions available upon request.

Please contact me to discuss further details and for information.

Portrait of Mr Bennet

Portrait of Mr Bennet

Standard Size and Fee

The price of a commissioned portrait depends on the size of the finished painting as well as on the complexity of the subject.

A standard size for portraits is 24 by 30 cm (or 9 by 12 inches). The portrait is of one person - head and shoulders - with a uniform background.
The standard price for this offering is CHF 250 / USD 250.

Different sizes, additional subjects, specific backgrounds etc. will be prized in addition to the basic fee.


Photo reference to work from

Posing for a photo is quite different to posing for an oil portrait - and not every good photo is a suitable reference to work from.

  • A photo usually captures a moment in time - a portrait should capture the essence of the person and result in a piece of art that is timeless.
  • Usually big smiles - "say cheese" - are not used for portraiture but rather a 'face at rest' - still happy, but not a 'funny face'.
  • And finally lighting: do not use a flash when taking the photo, as this results in washed out colors, too much contrast with few mid-tones and in general a 'flat'  photo.

As you can see in the portrait above, the subject was lighted from one side, and no big smile but rather a soft, happy expression. Using a flash would have resulted in a flat and unflattering photo.